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Synthesis and Antitubercular Activities of bis-glycosylated Diamino alcohols

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Creator Tripathi, R P
Tiwari, V K
Tewari, N
Katiyar, D
Saxena, N
Sinha, S
Gaikwad, A
Srivastava, A
Chaturvedi, Vinita
Manju, Y K
Srivastava, R
Srivastava, B S
Date 2009-09-05T05:52:23Z
Identifier Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry (2005) 13 5668–5679
Description Conjugate addition of diamines to glycosyl olefinic esters 1a and 1b followed by reduction of resulting bis-glycosyl β-amino esters (2-7 and 14-19) with lithium aluminium hydride led to the respective glycosyl amino alcohols (8-13 and 20-25) in moderate to good yields. All the compounds were evaluated for antitubercular activity against M. tuberculosis H37Ra and H37Rv. Few of the compounds exhibited antitubercular activity with MIC as low as 6.25 μg /mL to 3.12 μg/mL in virulent and avirulent strains. Compound 13 was found to be active against MDR strain as well showed mild protection in mice.
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Relation CDRI Communication No 6729
Subject Tuberculosis
Glycosyl amines
Glycosyl amino alcohols
MDR tuberculosis
Lithium aluminium hydride
Title Synthesis and Antitubercular Activities of bis-glycosylated Diamino alcohols
Type Article