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Lithiated assemblies of metal chalcogenide nanowires

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Title Lithiated assemblies of metal chalcogenide nanowires
Creator Murugan, P.
Kumar, V.
Kawazoe, Y.
Ota, N.
Subject Functional Materials
Electrochemical Materials Science
Description We study hexagonal assemblies of M6X6 M=Mo and W and X=S, Se, and Te nanowires from first-principles calculations to understand their structural stability, electronic properties, and the effects of Li intercalation. It is shown that due to van der Waals interactions between the nanowires, the intercalation is achieved without a significant change in their atomic structure. With an increase in Li concentration, we predict a new phase for Li3Mo6S6 compound, in which the hexagonal assembly transforms to a monoclinic structure by a change in the orientation of nanowires. The LixMo6S6 assemblies are electrically conductive and can be potentially used as cathode materials in Li-ion batteries for nanoscale applications. The voltage of such a battery, calculated to be 1.7 V, can be manipulated such as by iodine doping without a significant change in the atomic structure.
Publisher American Institute of Physics
Date 2008
Type Article
Format application/pdf
Identifier http://cecri.csircentral.net/3/1/003-2008.pdf
Murugan, P. and Kumar, V. and Kawazoe, Y. and Ota, N. (2008) Lithiated assemblies of metal chalcogenide nanowires. Applied Physics Letters, 92 (20). pp. 203112-1.
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