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Refining of rice bran oil.

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Title Refining of rice bran oil.
Creator Ramaswamy, K. G.
Gopalakrishna, A. G.
Sen, D. P.
Subject 19 Lipids-oils/fats
Description CONDITIONS have been standardised on a laboratory scale for clarification, degumming, alkali refining, bleaching, dewaxing and deodorisation of crude ricebran oil of FFA 4.2%. Refined oil obtained in 80% yield was light and bland. The characteristics were comparable to Indian and Japanese standards for edible grade oil.
Date 1980
Type Article
Format application/pdf
Language en
Identifier http://ir.cftri.com/2893/1/Journal_of_Oil_Technologists_Association_of_India%291980_12_16-19.pdf
Ramaswamy, K. G. and Gopalakrishna, A. G. and Sen, D. P. (1980) Refining of rice bran oil. Journal of the Oil Technologists Association of India, 12 (1). pp. 16-19.