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Computer-aided biotechnology: from immuno-informatics to reverse vaccinology

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Title Computer-aided biotechnology: from immuno-informatics to reverse vaccinology
Creator Vivona, Sandro
Gardy, Jennifer L.
Ramachandran, Srinivasan
Brinkman, Fiona S.L.
Raghava, G.P.S.
Flower, Darren R.
Filippini, Francesco
Subject Q Science (General)
Description Genome sequences from many organisms, including humans, have been completed, and high-throughput analyses have produced burgeoning volumes of ‘omics’ data. Bioinformatics is crucial for the management and analysis of such data and is increasingly used to accelerate progress in a wide variety of large-scale and object-specific functional analyses. Refined algorithms enable biotechnologists to follow ‘computer-aided strategies’ based on experiments driven by high-confidence predictions. In order to address compound problems, current efforts in immuno-informatics and reverse vaccinology are aimed at developing and tuning integrative approaches and user-friendly, automated bioinformatics environments. This will herald a move to ‘computer-aided biotechnology’: smart projects in which time-consuming and expensive large-scale experimental approaches are progressively replaced by prediction-driven investigations.
Date 2008-04
Type Article
Format application/pdf
Identifier http://openaccess.igib.res.in/16/1/Computer%2Daided%20biotechnology%20from%20immuno%20informatics%20to%20reverse%20vaccinology.pdf
Vivona, Sandro and Gardy, Jennifer L. and Ramachandran, Srinivasan and Brinkman, Fiona S.L. and Raghava, G.P.S. and Flower, Darren R. and Filippini, Francesco (2008) Computer-aided biotechnology: from immuno-informatics to reverse vaccinology. Trends in Biotechnology, 26 (4). 190 - 200.
Relation http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0167779908000504