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Analysis of damaged parts of an aeroengine

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Title Analysis of damaged parts of an aeroengine
Creator Parameswara, MA
Venkataswamy, MA
Madan, M
Sujata, M
Suresh Kumar, M
Bhaumik, SK
Subject Aeronautics (General)
Chemistry and Materials (General)
Description The compressor rotor and stator blades pertaining to an aeroengine were examined to analyze the cause of failure. Investigation revealed that the 6th and 11th stage rotor blades were damaged due to FOD. The foreign objects were identified to be silica and/or alumino-silicate particles. The 10th stage stator blades were also damaged due to FOD as mentioned above. In addition, smearing of silver (Ag) was observed on the FOD regions of these blades. The source of Ag needs to be established.
Publisher National Aerospace Laboratories
Date 2005
Type Proj.Doc/Technical Report
Identifier Parameswara, MA and Venkataswamy, MA and Madan, M and Sujata, M and Suresh Kumar, M and Bhaumik, SK (2005) Analysis of damaged parts of an aeroengine. Project Report. National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore.
Relation http://nal-ir.nal.res.in/10106/